1952 Ford Pickup F-150 Truck

owned by Tom & Phyllis Smernes


Tom says he purchased this 1952 Ford Pickup at the Turlock Swap Meet in Turlock, California, about 20 years ago.   All the paint and upholstery work was done by Tom in his shop.  Phyllis says she helped Tom with lots of hours sanding, sanding, sanding, to get the pickup ready for paint.

The red paint on the truck was Tom's choice and not the color Phyllis wanted, but she agrees it looks awesome!  As usual, "man knows best" when it comes to pickup trucks.

This pickup has a powerful 302 Ford engine with all the comforts of air conditioning, power steering, and power brakes.  This pickup has always been a fun ride says Phyllis and it's been to several car shows in both California and Nevada.   The most memorable show was the maiden voyage to Hot August Nights in Reno, Nevada.   Tom didn't have the AC installed and the temperature was 106 !

                 ... Isn't that the old buy me AC trick !


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...remember when milk shakes
were 50 cents and a gallon of gas was only a quarter.